Megastorm approaching England!

Autumn is here, and it sure will be noticeable in hours from now. Cold air approaching from Canada has joined with warm air from the Caribbean, creating an unusually low pressure system, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean as I speak and transforming into a deep mega storm. At around 12:00 AM tonight, the storm will have reached England, and is set to batter England, especially in areas such as the East Coast and London. The storm is predicted to run through until around 12:00 PM in the morning, and shall eventually die down in the following hours.

Many would ask, however, what are we to expect? Although I am no weatherman, I was able to find some facts and figures from the Well, London and the whole of the South shall indeed be the worst affected, with an amber “Be Prepared” warning, which is just one level away from the rare red warning of “Take Action” and one up from “Be Aware”. Where Northern Ireland are predicted to completely miss the storm, North England is currently on a “Be Aware” warning.

With gusts of up to 90MPH (120KPH), which is almost the speed of a 737-800 jet on initial takeoff, there is a potential risk of structural damage to buildings, and a scary potential of damaging garden equipment and sending them flying across your-or other’s gardens. Weather forecasters suggest that all unstable or loose garden apparatus or equipment is securely tightened down. They also suggest that going anywhere should be completely avoided, unless the trip is absolutely essential. London may experience some hours of power failure, as what happened in London in the mega storm of 1987. The wind may fell thousands of trees and is expected to cause severe disruption. Such wind is extremely likely to cause major disruptions to flights, and many other types of transport. It is advised by the Met Office that extreme caution is taken when driving on the roads, and that beaches and other coastal areas are completely avoided through Monday.

So, what do you think of the approaching storm? I do feel a little vulnerable, and scared that it will most likely cause damage not seen since the mega storm of 1987 a quarter of a century ago. Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and do remember to stay safe.


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